Sponsored Perks

Become a Perky
Place to Work

Become a Perky
Place to Work

Powered by Fond PerksTM, our Sponsored Perks Program lets you continually recognize your team’s hard work without the hassle of arranging for perks. Choose to send employees credits monthly and employees can redeem them on items, experiences or gift cards of their choice, so you don’t have to guess what your employees will most value. By making your employees’ lives  Use our Sponsored Perks Program to be known as a great place to work by making your employees lives easier and more delightful inside and outside the office.

How it Works

Budget & Configure Perks

Work with a designated CSM to craft a budget for your sponsored perks program and tailor the perks you want to offer to your employees. Add employees to the platform and ensure it has your company's logo on it to reinforce your employer brand.

Perks Credits

Establish a regular cadence where employees get credits they can redeem on perks of their choice. Launch the program and explain to employees you're doing this because you value their contributions to your company!

Track Success & Iterate

Track redemption analytics, movement of reward credits, and program engagement on your analytics dashboard. Seek qualitative feedback to see if employees appreciate what you're offering them.


Want to Learn More?

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