Employee Service Awards & Birthdays Program

Important Milestones

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Important Milestones

Powered by Fond RewardsTM, our Service Awards & Birthday Program offers a simple way to recognize and invite the whole company to celebrate an employee’s birthday or other milestones. Managers can send congratulatory messages to employees along with reward credits redeemable on hundreds of brand names in travel, shopping, fitness, and more. Magnify the effect of recognition by inviting the rest of the company to pile on the praise.

How it Works

Setup Milestones

Input important dates for employees (or auto-populate them with an HRIS integration) and set up the frequency and type of recognition for those milestones in Fond Rewards.

Automate Rewards

Watch employees feel delighted as you never miss a birthday or work anniversary again. Include personalized messages with each of your rewards.

Track Success

Monitor all rewards on your analytics dashboard, track your program with your CSM and iterate to achieve ongoing success.


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