Key Behaviors Program

Encourage Effective Action through Recognition

Peer Recognition Spark

Encourage Effective Action through Recognition

Powered by Fond RewardsTM, our Key Behaviors Program encourages senior leadership and managers to articulate which behaviors they value most in employees and to reinforce them through recognition. Any time an employee exhibits a key behavior, managers can send them reward credits redeemable on hundreds of brand names in travel, shopping, fitness, and more. Managers can include personalized notes of recognition and share it publicly to encourage similar behavior within their teams.

How it Works

Set Goals

Work with your CSM to develop a program and goals around the kinds of behaviors you most want to reinforce. Create milestones together.


Distribute a set amount of credits to managers to begin rewarding employees instantly, or set up recurring credit distribution.

Track Success

Monitor all recognition on your analytics dashboard, track your program with your CSM and iterate to achieve ongoing success.


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