Subsidized Gym Membership Programs

Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work

Powered by Fond PerksTM, our Subsidized Gyms Memberships Program lets you sponsor gym memberships at some of the nation’s biggest gym brands. You no longer have to manually enter and reimburse employees for their gym memberships. With Fond’s Subsidized Gyms Memberships Program, you can pay for some or all of the costs of gym memberships and let the program run without your attention. Encourage wellness without the headache of program management. 

How it Works


Pick which of the gyms supported through Fond you want to subsidize, and how determine much you want to subsidize. Add them to the Company Exclusives section of your Perks platform.


Encourage employees to take advantage of subsidized gym memberships, whether they're already gym-goers or are joining for the first time.

Increase Wellness at Work

Success! You no longer have to manually reconcile billing for employees' gym memberships. Fond takes care of that for you. Now, you can promote utilization of the perk and support wellness at work.


Want to Learn More?

Simply fill out the form and a Fond representative will reach out shortly about our Subsidized Gym Memberships Program.