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Fond Perks is a corporate perks platform where employees get instant access to pre-negotiated, best-rate-guaranteed discounts on hundreds of products and services spanning categories in fitness, travel, professional development, home services, entertainment, and more.

How it Works

Add Employees

Simply add employees to the system through a CSV or HRIS integration. Fond integrates with a range of HRIS platforms, such as Namely and Workday, so you can avoid the hassle of trying to keep employee updated in multiple systems. Fond can also sync with an active directory, or your CSM can help you manage employee data.


Work with your designated Customer Success Manager to communicate with employees about the Perks program you want to run. The success of the program depends on a strong launch program. Fond can provide you with custom branded posters, employee handouts, swag, even templates for emails and social media messages to your employees!


Employees can now take advantage of the perks! Encourage them to “favorite” some of their preferred perks, and make sure they download the mobile app. When they’re out and about, the mobile app will alert employees when they’re near one of their favorite perks. Plus, the mobile app includes a map of nearby perks available.

Track Redemptions & Savings

Work with your CSM or head directly to the Fond Perks dashboard to see how much employees are saving, the most popular perks at your organization, and redemption frequency. Plus, Fond gives you a perk activity score, which shows you how “perky” your company is compared to others.



Corporate Discounts

Offer exclusive rates for all your employees, backed by Fond's Best Rate Guarantee.

Sponsored Perks

Give employees credits every month and let them pick the perks they actually care about.

Subsidized Gym Memberships

Enhance wellness by sponsoring all or part of your employees' gym memberships without manually reimbursing everyone.


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