A Simple Employee
Engagement Survey

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A Simple Employee
Engagement Survey

EngagementIQ by Fond is a FREE and easy way to get started with measuring employee engagement levels at your company. Use EngagementIQ to get an overall engagement score for your company along with grades for the five different core drivers of engagement. Plus, get recommendations on how to improve your engagement scores!

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How it Works

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Invite Employees

It’s easy to get started with EngagementIQ. Just enter the email addresses of your employees or bulk upload an employee list in CSV format. You can also talk through the process with a Fond representative to make sure your first survey is a smooth experience!

Send Survey

With one click of a button, you can send the survey out to your employees. We also recommend sending a quick email to employees before distributing the survey to let them know it’s coming. Take the opportunity to reassure them that the results are completely anonymous and will help your organization become an even better place to work.

Collect Responses

In order to ensure anonymity, you need a minimum of three respondents before your EngagementIQ dashboard will start to populate with results. As soon as those responses come in, you’ll start to see your overall engagement score and scores for the five key drivers of engagement. It usually takes a couple of reminders for a meaningful number of employees to participate, so don’t forget to send them gentle reminders to provide feedback.

Analyze & Iterate

Voila! You now have actionable insights into the state of engagement at your company. Your EngagementIQ report includes your overall engagement score (calculated as an employee net promoter score), along with grades for the five key drivers of engagement: purpose, motivation, community, recognition, and retention. Pay attention to your strongest and weakest areas to determine where to focus your efforts. And, strive to improve your overall engagement score by at least 5 points every quarter. Once you hit an engagement score of 50 or higher, rest assured you’re in the upper echelons of engaged workforces!

Scores EngagementIQ Delivers


Understand how much your employees feel like they have a sense of purpose at work.


Learn how much employees feel like their work matters.


Are your employees giving it their all? If they're motivated, they'll deliver discretionary effort.


The Community score tells you how much your employees feel like they're connected to their coworkers.


Feeling recognized is consistently proven to be one of the biggest drivers of engagement. See how recognized your employees feel.


Turnover is a costly problem. How likely is it that your employees will be here a year from now? Find out with EngagementIQ.


EngagementIQ is FREE. Click below to get started!