A Modern Employee Recognition Platform

Inspire Appreciation
through Recognition

Employee Rewards

Inspire Appreciation
through Recognition

Fond Rewards is an easy-to-use recognition platforms that lets managers, employees and company admins recognize and reward employees for their contributions and peers praise one another for achievements and important milestones.

How it Works


Create your recognition budget with your Customer Success Manager, and buy points in Rewards admin or request a regular invoice for Rewards Points purchases.


You’re ready to recognize! Let managers or even employees send notes of appreciation that highlight great performance or reinforce core values, all with your custom-branded Recognition Occasions.

Pile on the Praise

Watch employees “Pile on the Praise” by responding to the recognition email, ensuring employees feel even more appreciated by the people who matter most at work.


Click “Redeem” to choose a reward you want most! The options are endless, from gift cards to your favorite stores to experiences (wine tasting, hot air ballooning–we have it all) to custom events built just for your organization.

Track Success

Track program success on your Rewards Dashboard, showing top recognizers, employees with the most recognition and the most popular rewards types, among other key performance indicators.



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