The Best Office Gifts
for Your Co-workers

Recognize Greatness
with In-the-Moment Office Gifts

Recognize Greatness
with In-the-Moment Office Gifts

Powered by Fond RewardsTM, giving office gifts for co-workers enables managers to easily recognize employee achievements that directly benefit the company’s bottom line. Managers can include personalized notes of recognition which they can share publicly to encourage similar behavior company-wide with the best and fun office gifts for your co-workers.

How it Works

Set Goals

Work with a designated CSM to develop specific goals for your office gifts spot bonus program. Create milestones together, ensuring budgets are set up and manager training is available if necessary.


Distribute a set amount of credits to leadership and managers to begin rewarding employees with office gifts instantly. Office gifts for co-workers can be given on a recurring or one-time basis.

Track Success & Iterate

Monitor all credit distribution and recognition events on your analytics dashboard. Track your office gifts success and adjust the program as needed to ensure effective office gifts for co-workers are loved by all.


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