Strengthen Your
Wellness Program

Increase Happiness & Retention
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Build a Stronger
Workforce with Fond

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Build a Stronger
Workforce with Fond

Use the Fond PlatformTM to incentivize wellness at work by rewarding physical activity and making healthy lifestyles more affordable for your employees. We’ll work with you to offer your employees preferred pricing on gym memberships, let you subsidize all or part of your employees’ gym membership fees, or support wellness challenges by recognizing and rewarding employees who achieve wellness goals. Talk to a Fond engagement expert to see how we can strengthen your corporate wellness program.

How it Works

Craft Your

Work with your designated Customer Success Manager to craft a corporate wellness program that fits your unique culture. Offer gym discounts, host wellness challenges or subsidize gym memberships through the Fond Platform.

Read, Set,

Your designated CSM will help you activate and launch your Fond corporate wellness program. Fond can provide you with custom branded posters, employee handouts, swag, email templates and social media messages to maximize traction.

& Iterate

Head directly to your Fond dashboard to see how engaged employees are with your Fond wellness offerings, or request custom reports from us. Consult with your CSM to iterate on your corporate wellness program to ensure ongoing success.

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