Tough Mudder + AnyPerk: Not Your Average Mud Run

AnyPerk + Tough Mudder = One Great Partnership

This is for all the fitness and adventure lovers out there. Today, AnyPerk and our partner Tough Mudder are launching a weeklong campaign to offer individuals a chance to win some awesome TM prizes. And for anyone who isn’t aware, Tough Mudder is acknowledged to be one of the toughest and most rewarding mud runs/obstacle courses in the world. Do you love challenges? Do you love teamwork and pushing yourself to the limit? Check out which Tough Mudder events are coming up near you!

Here’s the deal: this campaign offers you the chance to win a) one of three free registrations for Tough Mudder or b) one of three free TM gift baskets (see below for a photo). There will be 6 winners in total.

Here’s what you do:

Just Tweet at @AnyPerk/@ToughMudder using this button

Or Share on Facebook and tag @AnyPerk, to automatically qualify.

The contest begins now and ends on Friday 3/14/14. It is open to anyone, whether or not you are an AnyPerk member. On Friday 3/14, we will select 6 individuals and notify winners via Twitter or Facebook.

A 10+ mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces is nothing to mess with, but if you believe have the endurance and will power, completing a Tough Mudder course may end up being one of your biggest personal achievements in 2014. Happy Perking!


Check out AnyPerk’s Tough Mudder perk, for 15% off all 2014 Tough Mudder event registrations!



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