The holiday season is a great reason to make your employees feel appreciated. At Fond, we’re taking appreciation one step further. We want our customers to know just how valued and appreciated they are for their partnerships with Fond. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our executive team had a few messages of gratitude for our customers:

“I’m so grateful for the relationships we have with our customers. I get completely energized when we achieve win-win scenarios, and it’s incredibly rewarding to help companies truly build places where employees love to work.”  – David Lahey, VP of Customer Success


“Making our customers successful is Fond’s first and most important priority. Our customers are the driver behind why Fond exists, and I’m grateful for the partnerships we’ve built over the years.”
– Taro Fukuyama, CEO and Co-Founder


Our customers enable us to do the work we love at Fond. We continually make improvements and better our product because of our customers, and I appreciate the questions and feedback we’ve received to help us understand how we can provide value.
– Sunny Tsang, Chief Designer and Co-Founder


At Fond, we believe that great products are made by working directly with great customers. I’m grateful for all the HR leaders offering their time and feedback so that we can continually enhance our rewards and recognition platform and make their lives easier.
– Francois Thrower, VP of Sales and Finance


I am thankful that our customers are invested in using Fond. Our customers value and use the new capabilities we deliver, and they provide ideas and candid feedback for feature improvements. Knowing that Fond delivers value and helps companies provide a great place for their employees to work makes me proud to be part of the Fond family.” – Shirley Foster, VP of Engineering


It’s a delight to work with our customers because they work hard every day to ensure that their employees are happy when they come to work. Being able to provide rewards and recognition to employees around the world brings me joy and satisfaction, and it’s all thanks to our customers.” – Agha Zain, Director of Product Management


We are honored to provide our customers with an industry leading solution for rewards and recognition. Thank you for helping us build places where employees love to work, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!