Show some love: perks program for small and medium sized companies

Your startup is innovative, fast, and fresh. So are your employees. The IPO may be months or years away, and your best and brightest talent are looking for love from the boss.

So start handing out — and enjoying —perks online from other innovative, fast and fresh companies the easy way at It’s a great way to show you care — and also show you’re up-to-date and in touch with hundreds of the brightest new start-ups out there.

AnyPerk is a clever perks program for small and medium sized companies, offering exclusive discounts on web-services that add up to big savings for your company — as well as your employees.

What’s more, belonging to the AnyPerk community means your company isn’t just benefitting from the exclusive discounts — you’re also growing your own reputation among today’s big players and tomorrow’s headline-grabbers.

If you want your company to get the benefits of AnyPerk, contact us and apply to join today!


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