Frequently, the perks offered to employees can mean just as much as the salary that they are offered. However, juggling discounts and memberships at multiple service providers can become a nightmare for your company’s human resources department. With a service like Fond, however, you can provide startup perks to employees, quickly and easily, without having to stress about maintaining multiple accounts at brick and mortar companies.

Fond provides discounts to your business and each of your employees from our list of hundreds of web based services. We bring big savings to your company and to your employees from our easy to use platform, allowing you to pass on the perks. Whether you’re adding benefits in an effort to boost employee satisfaction, or setting up a program to reward new employees or offer a sign on bonus, we can help.

Fond specializes in servicing small and medium sized companies, providing their employees with useful discounts. Our web interface is easy to use and hassle free, guaranteeing you a positive user experience. Contact us today to learn how our company can help you keep your employees happier, and we’ll help you sign up for our free introductory account where you can learn more about each of our partners.