recent study found that employee perks can translate into big savings for your company.

The study, conducted by Harvard Business Analytic Services on behalf of the Principal Financial Group, found that perks benefit employers as well as employees.  Companies that provided generous benefits to their employees were more likely to also see benefits to their bottom line:

The poll showed that 75 percent of employers felt that their benefits package had a significant impact on employee retention, with 58 percent stating that it had a significant impact on the company’s ability to maintain a competitive advantage. “At the most basic level, high retention translates into low turnover costs, and the 10 Best winners have, on average, voluntary turnover rates that are less than half industry averages,” the report states.

Small and medium-sized companies may not be able to offer the wellness programs, health insurance packages, or employer matches of retirement contributions that big corporations offer. Your small company can still offer meaningful perks to employees and enjoy the big savings that come from high employee morale and low turnover.

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