Offer some exclusive discounts to key clients and employees.

A major selling tool and getting people oriented with your new startup business is to offer exclusive discounts or perks.  This is also a great way to repay great clients and employees.  Everyone appreciates hearing a genuine ‘Thank you’ but sometimes that’s just not enough, hence another perk, like for instance: discounts for companies, discounts for employees, discounts for clients, there are numerous ways to show your appreciation, our website, AnyPerk, is a terrific way to accomplish it.

What is AnyPerk?  We took an idea and capitalized on it, we are an On-line service and offer hundreds of different types of perks that you (as a business) purchase for pennies on the dollar savings, and allows you to offer them to the folks who you wish to show your appreciation to for their work or personal efforts. it’s that simple and just as easy.

How does it work?  Pretty simple, a business or employer signs up with AnyPerk, registers their company then invites his/her employees to participate by visiting AnyPerk and logging in.  You can also invite your clients, other business associates and new customers or potential new customers, who log in similarly.

The online discounts or perks can be for almost any reason or cause. Acknowledging your appreciation is a terrific way to improve employee moral, customer relations, team building and help build a loyal client base for your business.  And this is true for any sized business, small, medium, large or even huge, it’s a perfect fit!

We invite you to contact us, let us help you show your appreciation for those who’ve helped you in some way or another.Offer some exclusive discounts to key clients and employees.


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