Meet our new team member, Vishal Atri!


Vishal is joining us from the Big Apple, New York City and will be helping you create a rewarding work environment!

Q: What is the most surprising thing about working at AnyPerk?

A: I have worked at many different companies before, but I have never seen such an emphasis on engaging all levels of the company structure to improve the business overall anywhere other than at AnyPerk. Once I came to AnyPerk it was apparent that my opinion mattered to the structure and flow of the business model — something I have always wanted the chance to do. Being able to feel the impact of my work and contributions to such a degree is what really surprised me about AnyPerk and has made my position invaluable.

Q: What keeps you busy outside of AnyPerk?

A: The best part about working at AnyPerk is that you get to do things at your own pace. This leaves a lot of time for me to enjoy the things I love the most while keeping a strong focus on getting things done. My friends and I are huge foodies. If I am not exploring new restaurants or cuisines, I am in the kitchen experimenting with some awesome flavors and ideas. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than having a good day at work and an amazing meal to share with friends.

Q: Where will you be in 5 years?

A: I believe that in 5 years you can either do a lot, a little or nothing — the last two, however, are not an option for me. Working in a team of talented and motivated individuals at AnyPerk has helped me improve my skills and has shaped my goals for the future. Every day here has provided me with opportunities to advance myself and make a real impact. In 5 years, I want to not only take these experiences to the next level by advancing further in my field but by also making the dynamism and creativity of this process a permanent facet of my career and life.

Q: What is your favorite perk?

A: Although AnyPerk provides an amazing array of deals, I would have to say that my favorite perk is the one we don’t yet have. Working in the sales division of AnyPerk always has me on my toes for new ideas and amazing opportunities to help the business grow and expand. With so many great services out there ranging from entertainment to fitness, I am always checking for the newest perks and companies that have partnered with us. Thanks to our amazing team, every day has me looking forward to what awesome new perks it brings.

You can read more about his experience and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Welcome to the team, Vishal!


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