Meet Our New Team Member, Olivia Enger!


We’re so excited to announce that we’ve welcomed another lovely member to our team. Please welcome Olivia, AnyPerk’s new Staff Accountant!

A graduate of Mcgill University, Olivia is a recent transplant to San Francisco. Olivia is joining AnyPerk after spending the last few years working at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Montreal, Quebec auditing the financial processes of companies of varying sizes. Now, she will be helping AnyPerk maintain its financial reporting as we continue to grow!

Read more about Olivia below:

Q: How did you first hear of AnyPerk?

A:  I wanted to move out to SF, so I googled, “accounting jobs san francisco start ups” and then started searching from there.  I found AnyPerk on AngelList and thought it was a really cool business model. Also, as a sorta quirky accountant, I was really drawn to the culture and how I wouldn’t just be a back office number-cruncher.

QWhat do you hope to accomplish at AnyPerk?

AI hope to help develop and maintain a system of financial reporting that is scalable with AnyPerk’s growth.

Q: What activities fill your weekends?

A: I‘m new to the city so my weekends are filled with exploring, park-chills, eating, dancing (poorly), reading, wine….

Q: Where will you be in 5 years?

A: Hopefully better traveled and with a dog.  I’m pretty open minded when it comes to my career path, so I ultimately want to learn as much as possible about how companies develop and grow and the implications on financial reporting.  Perhaps one day I’ll be able to use my prior experiences to help consult other start ups on how to develop an effective finance department.

Q: What is your favorite perk?

A: Lyft!!! I’ve been addicted to using Lyft ever since I’ve moved here much to the dismay of my bank account.

Can’t wait to continue growing AnyPerk with you, Olivia!

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