Meet our new team member, Justin Garlit!

Justin is joining AnyPerk having previously worked on the sales team at Premier Working Capital. Welcome!Q: What do you hope to accomplish at AnyPerk?

A: When I first met Taro, I told him that my goal is to see him retire within the next 5 years. So, the key accomplishments I’d hope to fulfill center around building relationships with every company in the nation who would like to take advantage of our amazing employee benefits platform. And essentially take over Taro’s seat and navigate the ship.

Q: What keeps you busy outside of AnyPerk?

A: I’m a huge Bay Area Sports fan. Well, on this side (SF) of the bridge, anyway. But if I’m not immersed in the current sporting event, you can find me at live shows, concerts, or showcases at the local music venues here in San Francisco. I also like to travel when time permits – catch me in Spain, Greece, and Asia next year. Yes, Taro, this is my official vacation request…

Q: Where will you be in 5 years?

A: In five years, if somehow I am not the captain righting the AnyPerk ship, I’ll be heading my own design firm in New York or here in San Francisco.

Q: What is your favorite perk?

A: My favorite perk would have to be TicketClub – discounted MLB tickets, NBA tickets, and NFL tickets!

So excited to have you join us, Justin!
Interested in joining the AnyPerk team? Visit our Careers page!

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