Meet our new team member, Drew Dillon!


We have a very exciting announcement: after three years of working at Yammer as the Director of Product Management, Drew Dillon is joining AnyPerk as our new Head of Product!

In his own words, Drew expresses what aspects of AnyPerk’s product and culture made him take the leap to join our team, and what that shift has meant for him. We know that – like all of our team members – Drew will be an asset to driving AnyPerk’s success and creating an easy-to-use, fun and helpful one-stop shop for employee perks.

A little more about Drew:

Q: How did you first hear of AnyPerk?

A: Through Yammer’s BD team, who I worked with closely and are usually in contact with all interesting SaaS startups.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish at AnyPerk?

A: The team has already done great work so far, I want to help them take it to the next level: get even better perks, help more companies connect to their employees, and, above all, make AnyPerk a fantastic and valuable experience for our users.

Q: What activities fill your weekends?

A: I have two little girls, so it’s mostly ballet and playgrounds. When I do have free time, I like yoga and movies.

Q: Where will you be in 5 years?

A: Using my AnyPerk SpaceX discount to visit the moon. Ball’s in your court, Elon.

Q: What is your favorite perk?

A: I’d have to go with Lyft. I like that whole ride sharing space and they’ve really come through with a great deal.

Again, welcome to the team, Drew!

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