Getting perks online is easier than you think

Maybe Angry Julie won’t be so angry after this.

Angry Julie — the blogger name working mom Julie Dance uses — is picking up pocketfuls of perks online because of her rising influence on social networks.

A new Technology Review article displays a photo Dance posted that shows $50 worth of merchandise she picked up with a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card. She got the card through a startup that scores influencers on a scale of 1 to 100. Dance’s blog rated a score of 59, so the startup sent her the card in hopes that she’d mention the companies giving her the perks.

Companies like Dick’s, Disney, Audi and many others are happy to hand out the free stuff if it gives them a chance at some word-of-mouth third-party advertising.

Dance, who has 7,000 Twitter followers and obviously carries a fair amount of influence, is a logical person for companies to target. And in fact, she’s already been the recipient of 11 other unsolicited perks, according to Technology Review.

Bloggers and others who receive the perks aren’t under any obligation to mention the companies who sent the gifts … but then again, the ones we just listed have already gotten a few mentions, haven’t they?

Of course you don’t need to wield as much influence as Angry Julie to benefit from a range of online perks. You don’t even need a blog.

Contact us and we’ll show you some of the ways.


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