The Product Expansions Behind AnyPerk’s Rebrand to Fond

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Our Mission-Driven Focus

Our rebrand to “Fond” reinforces our mission: to help companies build places where employees love to work. As VP of Product, my job is to craft products that advance that mission and lead product expansions, adding value to customers and their employees.

As we move forward with our mission and product roadmap, we’re focused on ensuring that each new release is stable, but also dynamic and flexible. Everything we build should be easy to incorporate into your workday and each release must allow for improvement and customization based on an increasingly diverse set of customer needs.

To make sure we’re meeting these goals, we’ve widened our product scope, enhancing both Fond Perks and Fond Rewards, and launching an all-new product, EngagementIQ.

Product Expansions to the Fond Suite

The Fond Suite now features several product expansions:

Enhanced Recognition Capabilities: Fond Rewards now offers integrations with Gmail, Slack and Salesforce (coming soon). These integrations allow you to give recognition as part of your daily workflow, so that recognizing people is easy, contextual, and never forgotten.

We’re also announcing a host of features that make the administration of rewards and recognition programs much easier, such as:

  • Scheduled Rewards: Schedule Rewards Points to be sent at regular intervals and milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. Never miss an important date again.
  • Customizable Points-to-Dollars Conversion Ratios: Now you have full control over the value of Rewards Points.
  • Employee ID Sign Up: Easy sign-up for part-time employees or 1099 contractors with Company IDs so everyone in your company can engage with the platform.

EngagementIQ: This free tool helps companies assess the core components of employee engagement –- such as purpose, recognition, and connection — and provides them with a measurable baseline for how their employees are feeling at work. Any company can take advantage of it at

Best Rate Perks Guarantee: Today we’re announcing a guarantee that takes our industry leading perk quality to the next level: every perk on Fond is now guaranteed to be the best available rate. If a user finds a better rate, we’ll not only meet the competitive offer; we’ll beat it by 5%.

Programs, Not Just Products

Soon after we launched Rewards, it became clear that there were several emerging customer needs. We now have the capabilities to support a range of rewards and recognition programs, including:

Spot Bonus Recognition: Quickly and easily recognize employee achievements that directly benefit the company’s bottom line.
Core Value Recognition: Send Rewards Points along with a personal congratulatory message that can be shared company-wide to recognize alignment with corporate values.
Wellness Recognition: Work with your CSM to define a wellness program and goals, then reward employees with Rewards Points for fulfilling those goals.
Service Awards: Schedule congratulatory messages and Rewards Points to be sent to employees on their work anniversaries.
P2P Recognition: Distribute monthly Rewards Points to employees that they can use to recognize their peers for great teamwork or special occasions. Customize your points-to-dollar exchange rate so you decide the value of points.

Each program can be tailored to your company’s unique needs with help from our Customer Success team.

I look forward to the new insights we’ll glean as users begin to adopt our new features, and for the improvements that are to come.

Drew Dillon
VP of Product, Fond

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