Culture Secrets: Positivity Drives Success


As our CEO and co-founder, Taro Fukuyama, loves to exclaim at every opportunity.

A company of 400+ employees signed up for our platform? Boom! The vendor team closed another telecom perk? Boom. We ordered fruit to be delivered to our office every week?  BOOM.

Big smile. Victorious fists raised. This is what helped inspire us to create: The Boom Board.


The last 15 years have seen great developments in the field of Positive Psychology, especially regarding its effects in the workplace. According to Shawn Achor – CEO of the consulting firm, Good Think:

“We think we have to be successful, then we’ll be happier. But the real problem is our brains work in the opposite order.”

And it makes sense. When we have a positive attitude, we are more productive and confident; we actually perform better. As a happy employee, you are more engaged and creative. Happiness is a powerful tool that drives us to succeed, and companies around the world are beginning to realize it.

So we’d like to introduce AnyPerk’s Boom Board! It hangs beside the tea kettle and microwave in the kitchen. It sports several cutouts of recent emails – mostly addressed to our customer support team –  that detail positive feedback from AnyPerk’s customers and partners. Despite its simple construction – a cork board, pins, and red sharpie – it’s nice to take a moment to admire while waiting for the water to boil or toaster to heat a bagel.


Because who doesn’t want to hear a customer is “THRILLED” with your service? Or be told, “You guys are really wonderful, thank you for all that you do!” This kind of positivity keeps us close as a team, and any problems that pop up are treated as anomalies that we jump to understand and fix together.

Our goal is to have the board grow bigger and bigger with time…so let’s keep the positive feedback coming! (BOOM.)


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