Let’s Talk About AnyPerk’s Mission

We spend a lot of time talking to our clients. What’s top of mind, how we can better serve them, and ultimately what keeps them using the service. All this client outreach helps us constantly refine AnyPerk’s mission and what we stand for.

The common response is that we help in three main ways:

1. Recruiting
2. Employee Engagement
3. Retention

But can perks really help with those things? Do discounts get a real estate broker to join your company? Do rewards make a more engaged tutor? Or keep your barista from going to a rival coffee shop?

They do help, but the relationship is hard to understand. And, in thinking of that relationship, we kept coming back to Snapchat. Not to look at pictures of our friends’ antics, but to the idea of the app itself. What is the value of Snapchat? Why do people like it? Why is it a habit?

Well, it serves a purpose. It offers fun without potential long term embarrassment. Your friends are on it. But when asked what people remember most about the app, they mention the dancing ghost.

   Hipmunk? Do you remember a great deal or a chipmunk?
   Venmo? The payment feed.
   Lyft? Mustaches, fist bumps, drivers with personality.

We call these “delight” features. It’s not obvious that they make or break a company, but they endear you to the experience. Those little surprises make it fun, memorable and enjoyable. It’s the extra mile that turns your app from a utility into a destination. In a world of similar products, they make the difference.

And it became clear to us that that’s what AnyPerk is for our clients.

We want…
The workplace to be fun, memorable and enjoyable.
To surprise with those little touches and go the extra mile for employees.
Workers to think their company more than a paycheck, a destination.
To provide our clients with the tools that make the difference.

In short:

AnyPerk does this with the best, most unique discounts and rewards today, but we’re just getting started. We hope you’ll give us that chance to delight your employees.


Believe in our mission? Looking for a delightful place to work?  We’re always hiring.


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