AnyPerk Favorites Has Arrived

AnyPerk Favorites 2 - Employee Wellness Blog

Today we are launching our newest product enhancement, AnyPerk Favorites. Favorites is a way to easily organize and access the perks you love the most. Now if you want to restock on AMC movie tickets or need to reorder your favorite pair of Ray-Bans, you can access the perks directly under the Favorites tab without having to use the search navigation.


Whenever you come across a perk you want to save, clicking on the heart icon will turn it red and add the perk to your Favorites. You can save as many perks as you like and if you ever want to remove a perk, just click the heart again.


All your Favorites will be located in an exclusive tab located in the upper left hand corner of the AnyPerk platform, just above the categories.

Simple, easy, and useful. AnyPerk Favorites, just one more way we try to always be delighting!


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