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Did you know that there are many internet services companies who are very anxious to earn your company’s business?  They realize that a great discount is an effective way to let customers try a product or service.  We have partnered with many of these web services companies and have created a resource for you (and your employees) to easily find these “perks” and take advantage of them. is a clearinghouse for exclusive discounts which are offered to your business and to your employees.

These “perks” range from steep discounts of up to 50% for your employees.

Some examples of our partners include:

We would like to extend a very special, limited time offer to you and your business.  In order to introduce you to our innovative service we would like to give you a free trial of!  That’s right, completely free!  Take advantage of as many discounts as you like. Introduce our service to your employees so that they can also save money right away.  We cannot imagine an employee who would not appreciate this opportunity.  After your free trial has ended you can ask your employees if they found our service to be of value.  We are sure that you will find the answer to be a positive one.  You can then offer our service as a “perk” for your employees.  This can only help with employee retention, as we all know.

Start saving money today!  Contact us to start you free trial right away!


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