Why Building a Community within Your Business is Vital

The War for Talent has caused many companies to forget that existing employees are their biggest assets.  It’s easy to assume that – like trading cards – once you’ve acquired top talent, they’re yours forever.

Big mistake.

It’s important to think about long-term reasons why your employees will want to come to work every day.

It doesn’t take much to create a positive work environment that motivates, and even simply improving Communication – with a capital C – and boosting Positivity in the office space can go a long way in encouraging employees to stick around.

Below are some simple tips on how to make your office delightful!

1. Victory Gong

Every employee wants to feel acknowledged for the great work they’ve done.

A gong is the perfect way to gather your team to briefly celebrate when an employee closes a sale or forges a new partnership. It reaffirms that even one person’s accomplishment is a team victory – this will inspire your employees to keep aiming for success.

2. Pay It Forward on Your Un-Birthday

One great trick for making employees feel special on their birthdays is this:

Have the employee whose birthday was celebrated last be responsible for purchasing a gift for the next employee’s birthday.

Not only does this mean that they receive a personalized gift, but it encourages employees to learn more about one another and establish closer ties within the company.

Easy, right?

3. Announcing Office Visitors

One often overlooked aspect of office culture is how one acts toward office visitors.

A company-wide online chat group or a ‘Visitors’ Google Calendar devoted to announcing visitors is the easiest way to keep employees in the loop. Plus, it gives them time to prepare their game faces if necessary.

Simple notes like: “Enterprise candidate Mark is interviewing at 11am” is enough so that, if you bump into Mark in the hallway after his interview, you can address him by name and introduce yourself.

How’s that for an awesome and attractive company culture?

4. Hand-Written Notes to Employees

A hand-written congratulatory note will blow any email, LinkedIn message, or text message out of the water.

So the next time you notice an employee going above and beyond for a project, walk over and place a hand-written note of acknowledgment on their desk. It’ll make their day.

5. Personalized Welcome Packages for Newbies

Have a welcome package waiting on the desk of new hires on their first day. The contents don’t have to be complicated – just personalized enough to make them feel welcomed right off the bat.

Contents can include a welcome card that’s signed by the team, or a small gift inspired by something he or she may have mentioned liking during their interview. Make it simple, memorable, and tailored to their background or personality.

Plant Little Seeds of Positivity

Your employees will do the rest.

Your company’s small quirks and traditions are what make the office a fun place to work in every day. So keep them alive!

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